St Pauls Residences is located between two of most famous towers in Halkidiki. We decided to name our lodging  as a tribute to the little chapel of Saint Paul in Nea Fokea,

It’s a chapel in a cave where according to legend Apostle Paul found refugee when he came to this area. In the chapel the Holy Water gushes and the area is visited. You can go in after a walk in a 10-meters-arcade you will reach in a rectangular area where it is said that Apostle Paul had lived.

In the village of Nea Fokea stands what is perhaps the best preserved of all the towers in Halkidiki. The Tower in Nea Fokea, also known as St. Paul’s Tower holds a dominant position on the hill at the right side of N. Fokea’s port. It’s 17m high and it’s an old Byzantine fortress that is likely to have been built in 1407, and partially destroyed by fire in 1821. Its purpose was the protection of farmers working in the “metochi” of St Paul’s Monastery.

The Tower of Stavronikitas, also known as Tower of Sani dates from 1543 and was built to protect the dependency of the Stavronikita Monastery. The tower is in an excellent state of repair; it is 8 metres high, but the archaeologists believe that an upper floor is missing, and the original tower was much taller.

StPauls Residences